Men’s Retreat (Aiming Straight)

Sunbury ChristianAiming Straight

Men’s Fall Shooting Event
When: Sat, October 3, 9am – 12pm
Where: Utica, OH 43080, USA (map)
The event will be held in Utica, Ohio.

Food, guns and ammunition are all provided. For safety, please leave personal weapons at home or in your vehicle

For this event we will be participating in a three gun competition

You are welcome to just come sit around the fire and fellowship

Camping is available Friday night 10/02

A group will be meeting at the church (870 Admiral Drive) at 8 am (10/03) to head to Utica together.

Please register for this FREE event and mark if you are interested in camping or carpooling.

Any donations collected at the event will go back in to building our Men’s Ministry.