Whether you are part of Sunbury Christian Church already, just have a few questions, or you are hoping to get more connected, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Dave Cahoon [Lead Pastor] dave@sunburychristian.com
Casey Shofner [Youth Minister] casey@sunburychristian.com
Eric Johnston [Worship Minister] eric@sunburychristian.com
Jason Nicholson [Creative Minister] jason@sunburychristian.com
Lloyd Huffer II [Young Adult Minister] lhhuffer2@gmail.com
Dawn Boehm [Children’s Coordinator] dawn@sunburychristian.com
Mark Willison [Operations Minister] mark@sunburychristian.com
Carey Ruhl [Executive Administrator] carey@sunburychristian.com
Angela Abshire [Administrative Assistant] angela@sunburychristian.com
Regina Dronsfield [Sonshine Preschool Director] regina@sunburychristian.com
Teresa Westervelt [Sonshine Preschool Assistant] teresa@sunburychristian.com

Jim Boyd (Chairman), Kevin Barth, Joe Clem, Gard Dupler,
Ray Evans, Travis Swank and Eric Henrickson