This will be our final single church service at Rainbow Avenue. God will lead us on a generational journey of 1.8 miles from 250 Rainbow Avenue to 870 Admiral Drive.

Date: November 26th – after Sunday church service at Rainbow Avenue

Task: Carrying the cross (built by Dan Heil)
from the current church building to the new church building.

Course: 1.8 miles. Starting at the old church. Walk west on the Rainbow Ave. sidewalk to the Columbus St. sidewalk. Go south until you come to the walking path beside the Old Train Station. Walk down the path, turn right the blacktop path to the new neighborhood. Follow the main road, turning left on Admiral, turn right into the new church driveway.

Procedure: There will be seven sections of the walk. Each section will be about .3 miles. The transition points are at the Harrison St. playground, the Sunbury Square, beginning of the walking trail, at the beginning of the main road in the new addition, at the addition’s swimming pool and at the beginning of the new church’s driveway. At each transition point, there will be a prayer, a spiritual thought, a scriptural reading, singing and a transferring of the cross from one generation (10 years) to the next. The cross will be transferred from the older generations down to the youngest generation, passing the love of Jesus into the future.

Involvement: Everyone is invited. Those who can not walk can join us at different points along the walk. There are three recommended transition points that would be good places to join us: the square, the new Sunbury Community and at the new church. We would like those who are not walking with the group to line the new church driveway and join the walk as they finish at the new church.

Parking: If you are planning to walk with us on the Cross Walk, we would like to suggest the following transportation plan. This will help to open up parking spaces at our Rainbow Ave. building and give you quick access to your car after the walk is over. Drop off your family at the Rainbow Ave building between 9:45 and 10:00. Drive your car to the Admiral Drive building and park it there. Transportation will be provided back to the Rainbow Ave.