Nursery through 6th grade are now available at 10:30 AM.

Guidelines for Re-Entry
*All subject to change based on COVID-19 status

General Procedures:
* All Volunteers will wash hands when they arrive and wear masks
* All children from Kindergarten through 6th Grade are required to wear masks
* Currently, children’s classes are only available for the 10:30 AM service
* All tables and chairs will be cleaned in between services
* Preschool toys will be divided into two groups and each service will have a new set of toys
* Snacks will not be available for either Preschool or Elementary classes
* Communication to parents for a health assessment for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering

Check-in Procedures:
* If you use the KidCheck Express app you will pick up your child’s name badge at The Forest table
* Volunteers will be located outside of The Forest and The Treehouse to assist with check in
* Remain at least 6’ apart while awaiting to sign your child(ren)
* Preschool & Kindergarten children will be required to wash their hands upon entering The Forest
* Elementary children will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering The Treehouse
* If possible, children will be escorted by The Forest and The Treehouse volunteers to their classroom
* Infants will be escorted by their parents into The Forest

Check-out Procedures:
* Parents of infants will be permitted to enter The Forest to retrieve their child from the Nursery
* Volunteers will be available to retrieve children using the KidCheck check-out procedures
* All parents will remain outside of The Forest and The Treehouse areas until their child arrives
* Upon exit of both The Forest and The Treehouse, children will use hand sanitizer before they leave

Room Procedures:
* All tables, chairs, and toys will be sanitized before every Sunday service
* All classrooms will be set up to help children maintain 3’ – 6’ distance from other children
* Multiple stations/centers will be set up within the classrooms to assist in social distancing
* Each child in The Forest will have their own supply bag with their name on it
* Large gathering/play areas in The Forest will be eliminated and large rugs will be removed
* Within The Forest area, if a toy has been in a child’s mouth, it will be removed and sterilized at a later date